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Sports Hydration

When you need valve and assembly options, you’re on the right track with LMS. Our company has been a pioneer in liquid silicone rubber molding since 1985 and we continue to develop innovative products. Whether you need a valve to work with your existing cap or a custom valve, LMS has the solution.

Our industry experience includes applications such as team and individual sports, outdoor sports, bicycling and ASI (promotions).


Need an all-in-one cap and valve?

The SureShot™ Cap is a stock 63 millimeter, polypropylene cap that incorporates a patented valve in its spout.

  • Universal to most standard bottles
  • Manufactured with standard thread counts
  • 63-millimeter polypropylene for durability
  • Exceptionally sanitary…requires no mouth or hand contact to open
  • Spill-proof and leak-proof with a squeeze and release valve
  • Affordable in replacing traditional push/pull systems
  • Available in any color cap and valve

The SureSnap® Valve … improving existing caps/hydration systems

The SureSnap® valve makes valve assembly easier than ever. With its simple and effective two-piece design, the SureSnap is easily integrated into your hydration system by snap-in/mechanical lock assembly.

  • Stock designs available in multiple sizes and function
  • LMS expertise in valve retention
  • Patented, easily incorporated design
  • Versatile design for a wide range of hydration systems

The SureGO® Valve … custom valve solutions

The unique SureGO® valve offers versatility in flow volume from sips to gulps, simply by squeeze pressure or draw strength. The SureGO® valve is:

  • Gentle on teeth
  • Easy to open when pulled up
  • Securely sealed when in the down position
  • Able to be customized to the customer’s needs
  • Available with a thru-hole or drip free/anti leak valve head

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